Displaying Dimensions????

Hi, I want to display the Dimension from the “ProjTable” Table to the a form say “fromABC”. where ‘ProjId’ are common between the ProjTable and ABCtable… i have added both ProjTable and ABCtable as datasources in the “FormABC” …how can i proceed further to display these dimensions acc to the ProjId in my formABC Regards, Rajee

You need to join Source and Linked Type properties to join them…

I have written a display method in the table( TESTTABLE) which is the data source form my form

display String30 Region()
ProjTable tprojtable;
Str dim2;
select tprojtable where tprojtable.ProjId == TESTTABLE.ProjectId;
dim2 = tprojtable.Dimension[2];
return dim2;

But Kranthi,i dont know in which table to change the properties you said…



what is your main data source in the form - give the main data source as join source to the other data source(in join source property)