Displaying amount words (in different language)


I am trying to convert an integer (amount) into arabic words.

How can i do this ?


I don’t think this functionality exist for Arabic. But similar functionality exists for Spanish, French and Dutch.

For example, have a look at ‘numeralstoTxt_ES’ method under Global class. You may want to create similar method for Arabic.


you wont find numeralsToTxt_AR in the standard AX, i did it long time ago by importing .dll into the reference node in AX 2009

you can download the project :


good luck!

Hi Anoop,

I’m need to convert amount into arabic and also amount in words,date(Gregorian) into arabic, if you have done this before pls share.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi All,

Do any one have the code pls share. I need it badly.



you will need to implement it by yourself

Hi Noobish,

I implemented the code by myself, but the way of reading Arabic for 10’s and 100’s digit is quite different.