Display worker personnel number

Hi AX guys,

I have a task to customize the SalesTable form, field Worker sales responsible. In previous version it displays the employee (personnel) number, but now in AX2012 it displays the name, however, on the back end it saves the recId of that record. Now, I want to display the employee number instead of the name, how can I do it in AX 2012? I am thinking of using edit method but not sure if this is a best approach.


The right approach is to use another ReplacementFieldGroup in the ReferenceGroup control. Simply go to Administration_WorkerSalesResponsible control and change value of ReplacementFieldGroup property to PersonnelNumber.

Hi Martin, its works! Thanks for the answer. I did not imagine that this is just a simple property settings. Thanks again!

Hi! I have a follow up question, the solution above works if it is a stringedit from a table field. But what if the stringEdit form control I have in the form uses a datamethod which has a lookup on worker, and instead of displaying the recId, I should display the worker name?


If you have a method to get the data, why the method doesn’t simply return the worker name?