display warehouse and label in ax report in a single line.


In ax picking list report


I want to change this section

Label : US0
Warehouse : KYMN
Batch number : 10-1

to a single line i.e.Label : US0 Warehouse : KYMN Batch number : 10-1

can anyone help me in this case,


Vikas Mehta.

You can add display method to the report.

display str details()


return “Label :” + value1 + " Warehouse :" + value2 + " Batch number :" + value3;


where Value1, Vale2 and Value 3 are the actual data for label,warehouse,batch no. respectively.

Thanks Monika,

But dont you think I have to set some relationship in order to get the all of records for a particular record

like :

item no misc chargeds

123 243



Vikas Mehta