Display transaction details at header section in report

Hi All,

I have a situation where some of transaction details should be displayed in header section of report. The header and transaction both are ‘Body’ section. Header details is executed first and the transaction details. The header displays invoice account, name and address. Transaction displays the transaction of the customer. Now in header section, order accounts of all the transaction should be displayed. Since the transaction details are executed after header, i’m not getting the transaction details at header section. is there any way to get the transaction details at header level or any other solutions.



Hi Raghav,

Try to take the transaction details in to programabble section of the report and execute this programmable section at the beginning of the code in fetch(overrride) method.

Hi vishal,

The report is a standard one. I cannot put the transaction details in programmable section.



you can make the same data item as 2 or more body section, or header section, or footer section.

Sales Header
… Sales Line

in report section, you can make a.f.:
Sales Header, Header
Sales Header, Body
Sales Header, Body (again)

Sales Line, Header
Sales Line, Header (again)
Sales Line, Body
Sales Line, Body (again)

so you can tweak the report lay-out with this, to make an impression of header / detail / footer