Display the imgae in Ep page


i am working under the Enterprise portal ax 2012 .my requirement to display the image in ep page i find solution and also display image in ep page but the image only display in chrom browser its not able display in internet explore !

what is the issue in internet explore ??why its not displaying image in ep page…?

please help me to resolve the issue

thanks in advance

Ax developer

We can’t tell you what’s the problem because you didn’t tell us anything about your solution. I assume you see other images in IE…


my solution is to display the image in enterprise portal .the image displayed in enterprise portal in chrome web browser but its not display in internet explorer this my issue.!!!

why its not display in internet explorer???

Jeez, how did you implement it? Do you have just img tag with href? Probably not, because it would work. You did something else, but nobody knows what, so nobody can help you unless you explain what you did and start answering questions.

this my code

<asp:Image ID=“WorkerImage” runat=“server” Width=“140px” />

the above tag only i used and run time i assign the image URL

WorkerImage.ImageUrl = this.EPLayoutImagesPath + “RBO_Image_1.png”;

this waty i assign the image URl

What’s the HTML code that works in Chrome but not in IE?

<asp:Image ID=“WorkerImage” runat=“server” Width=“140px” />

That’s ASP.NET code and it’s never sent to web browsers such as IE. It’s used to generate HTML (and JS etc.) - what’s interpreted by browsers is the HTML code. If you want to analyze browsers’ behavior, you need to work with code that they see.

I would strongly recommended learning basics of technologies involved in your solution, otherwise you’ll surely run into many troubles.

Hi Madhan,

you give imageurl like the below

<asp:Image ID=“WorkerImage” runat=“server” ImageUrl=“ur image path” Width=“140px” />

then can you plz try with IE.

I apply the same way only .but i always assign the image URL runtime only!!!

Hi Madhan,

Just go to image in IE and right click then go to properties ,From properties you can find the image’s original path.

can you check the image path in IE. sample screen shot fyi.

thanks jesu

i checked the image path its correct but image not display!!!

My colleague had the same issue,He make default browser is IE then everything is working fine for him.

Can you plz try?.