Display record based on condition for specific Profile ID

Is it possible to display record on page with some condition for specific Profile ID?

Example, I add field confidential(bool type) in vendor table and I want just that IT manager or account manager can see vendor which are confidential.

You need to add in the page a new boolean variable having IncludeInDataset = Yes, assign this variable to HideValue property of the field and evaluate the boolean in OnOpenPage trigger, checking in Access Control table if the user has the right profile.

sorry, i’m a new in the nav, but in which way i can check the user rights in access control table.

I can do this with USERID and it work fine, but in that situation i must add every user from code.

You don’t need to hardcode the users, but you have to check that the user opening the page (USERID) have the right role, and setup the roles qualified to view that field in a setup table.