Display range values in a report

Hi All,

Please advise me the code to display the range values in the page header of a report.

I created the below method in the page header, but got an error “The table is out of range or does not exist.”

display CustAccount CustId()
return query.dataSourceName(“CustInvoiceJour”).rangeField(FieldNum(CustInvoiceJour,OrderAccount)).value;

Please advise how should I proceed.

Thanks in advance

I’m confused, what do you want to return, the parameters and the values you have input into the parameters?

For example AccountNum is a parameter and your searching the range 00001…00010 - so you want to display this as a selection criteria?

This type of thing is straight forward using SSRS, but if you are using MorphX reporting I think you would need to pick up the value you have input in the report dialog. This is done in the dialog method, then pass this into a fetch method variable, then use a display method to print the variable value out - much more complicated than using SSRS.

The user is presented with the query form (SysQueryForm), where he specifies the value for filtering, not in the dialog field that I created in dialog method.

So please advise how to display the range we provide in this form in my report. As it is not a standard Ax report there is no print options tab to enable the Print Ranges option form there.

I don’t know how to do this except with SSRS reports, usnig SSRS this is basic functionality.

Use below code in fetch method and assign the string to header text using display methods.

queryBuildRange = qr.query().dataSourceNo(1).findRange(fieldnum(CustInvoiceJour,InvoiceDate));

if(queryBuildRange != null)


test = "Invoice Date : " + queryBuildRange.value();