Display method issue

Hi All

I have created a form which has user needs to select project id and some more fields.On selection of projectid ,grid needs to display project name and project type from the project table.So i wrote a display method for Projectname and Project type to be displayed on selection of the project id. Projectname Display method is working fine but project type method its not working.It got compiled without errors but still the method doesnt works. FYI, caeProjtype field from Project table is a enum type and it is a dropdown. Please let me know whether the display method doesnt works for enum type.

Display caeProjType caeProjType()

Return ProjTable::find(this.ProjId).caeProjType;



Display methods do work for enums. First check whether the method is called correctly and returns what you expect (use debugger for that). If this is all right, check type of the form control whether it’s consistent with return type of the display method.

Thanks Martin. I will try wiith your suggestion.