display int method


i’m new in development of x++ and i’m facing a problem in reports

i’ve created integer field and assigned int display method to it but it returns 0 all the time

is it a default value or there is a property to be changed?? because the real value is not zero

please advise…

Hi Alshorbaji,

You have to make some of your own logic …

For example to generate serial number

display int SerialNoMethod()


int slNo;


return slNo;



Output will be











Hope you understood

Regards Saadullah

Hello Mohammad,

As you metioned , creating the integer field and looking for the real value.If you want display the integer field use the integer control, incase want to display real value then use the real control.

Please be more specific/detail about the question.

there is property to display on int field by default, so if you don’t want to show ‘0’ in your filed change the property of that control in report

the property is showZero is Auto by default and change to no.