Display further option fields

Good morning,

i have a problem in creating a table, which should be a basic table for a user (employee) to fill in data of a costumer. This table should be read out afterwards for creating a qr code, to know the Information the costumer wants, the format and possible fillings.

So, this table first displays a field to chose the costumer and then just an option field for the document type. that works fine.

The next column should now display the options depending on which document type was chosen - it would here be perfect to choose these options related to the existing tables like “sales Header” or others.

(please pardon my English)

(Debitornr = Costumer Number, Belegart = Document Type (Auftrag = order), Lieferschein Wert1 should the first field of a choosable option. E.g. order number.


I hope, I could describe the problem in an understandable way.

Sorry, but I am more like a beginner with NAV.

Can anybody help me finding a solution? This would be perfect.

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Mick. Sorry not sure what you are trying to do. Are you creating a new table which pulls data from existing tables? So for example it is a mix of customer table, unposted sales document table and other?

Hi Mick,
Do I understand you correctly if I assume that what you’re looking for is way where you can select the actual Rechnung’s or Auftrag number?
If that is the case you need add multiple table relations based on your Belegart field. You can find an example on how to do this on the “No.” field in the sales line table. In your case you would be able to add the customer no. as a required table relation and then a fix on document type = beleg art.

Good morning,

Not really. There should be displayed Option fields automatically depending on the column “belegart” and its Option fields. But I discovered a meta table yesterday, so I took this table, made it a cross table (saved as a copy) and so I can look at fields like costumer no or anything else directly, because I needed the blank fields.
Now it works fine.