Display full descriptions in Drop Downs instead of ID

Hi All,

AX has this really annoying ‘feature’ with dropdown fields.

e.g. If you create a customer and add a language to that customer, you select the language from the drop down list where it displays e.g. de as the ‘code’ and German as the full description.

When you select e.g. de, it only displays ‘de’ next to language e.g. LangID.

Likewise for the Countries. If I select GBR it equals Great Britain, but how do I get it to display Great Britain in the drop down box once it is selected rather than showing the short code.

it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Is there an easy way to rectify this?


There is no standard way as such, I hope one can recognize the language or country by looking at its code.

You can see the description in drop down while choosing the value.

But this can be changed as per your requirement, like in purchase or sales orders you have the product name beside the product number.

Get a developer to add the relevant description to the needed User interfaces.