Display financial dimension in AX7 SSRS reports


I am developing SSRS report for AX7 i.e. D365O. I want to display financial dimension in that report. How to do this?

Please help.

Hello @Suvarna

For this you must have access the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations environment, and you must be provisioned as an administrator on the instance.

  • Describe the various ways reports can be created and consumed in Finance and Operations
  • Use framework extensions to customize the parameter experience for SSRS based business documents

Using “My Reports” framework you can easily create a new SQL SSRS report and make it available to users. AX7 and new report, which we will create using T-SQL and Azure SQL DB, but first, let me show you “My Reports” framework. “My Reports” form is driven by a configuration. No deployment of reports, merging models, releasing .xpos is needed anymore, forget about this for reporting. A simple configuration is all what you need to make a new report available to users

Finance and Operations offers several tools to produce reports to satisfy complex business requirements. Some common applications of reports in an ERP include:

  • Creating and archiving transactional documents as part of a posting process
  • Producing packing slips for tracking orders from Manufacturing to Warehousing to Sales
  • Monitoring key performance metrics and surfacing trends in data
  • Navigating the client through filtered searches
  • Distributing heavily branded documents to customers and employees
  • Extracting data in such a way that it articulates the health of a business
  • For more info refer this documentation by Microsoft docs.microsoft.com/…/create-nextgen-reporting-solutions

Hope this helps, Thanks!

Hi Suvarna,
We would like to know more about the difficulty you are facing while development. Can you elaborate here about your issues so that you can get help easily.