Display Date in proper format in NAV

Hi guys,

I am trying to display Date in Navision.

Currently it is displayed with date and time. I have tried FormatDateTime(Fields!Purchase_Line___Requested_Receipt_Date_.Value,DateFormat.ShortDate) and with this i am getting result properly.

But if date is not specified in NAV then it is showing as 01/01/0001.

I have tried

=IIf(Fields!Purchase_Line___Requested_Receipt_Date_.Value <> " “,FormatDateTime(Fields!Purchase_Line___Requested_Receipt_Date_.Value,DateFormat.ShortDate),” ")

But no luck [:(]. Can anyone have a solution please.

Write FORMAT(“Requested Receipt Date”) in SourceExpr property in classic sections…

simply add Fields!Purchase_Line___Requested_Receipt_Date_.Value in rtc layout…

Thanks Mohana its working… [:D]