Display AUTOMATICALY date and hour on the invoice

What else do you want us to explain?

What did you try and what is not working?

I am not sure where to put them. Maybe this imagie will help.

You need to open Sections under View (Vizualizare)

there you need to add the field which you want to show…


And now? (I want to do this write, thats why i m sending to you the pictures


I think you’re mixing up different things here and that all the right answers really have been given, just in different answers.

So you want that the date and time of the invoice is automatically set and cannot be changed after you have printed it. I assume that you mean the Invoice Date - which in NAV is called the “Posting Date”. And then a corresponding time.

Well first of all, then in regards to the changing, when an invoice has been posted, then it cannot be changed. The invoice must always look the same after it has been posted.

Second you need to add a new field, I suggest that you call it “Posting Time”, so that it “matches” the normal “Posting Date”. You say that the date / time must be set automatically, but also that it should be possible to change it, before it’s posted.

When an invoice is created, then the date is already set automatically to the working date of your NAV client (if you haven’t changed manually or using the Cronus demo company then it will the same date as the computer date). You should ask your developer to add the new field and set it up so that it’s set at the same time as the “Posting Date”.

If the real issue and reason you want this change is that you (like many other users) have experienced that the users forget to update the posting date before posting, so that the invoice date is the still the same date as when the invoice (or order) was created then the solution is a little different. Personally I have solved this in different ways. But the one I would suggest to you is to create a test which is done whenever an order/invoice is posted and gives the user a warning that the “Posting date is older than the working date” followed by a question: Do you want to update? and then I set the date to Todays date. I would update the time at the same.