Display a record which is selected in an overview tabpage in a general tabpage?

Hello Everyone,

I want to display selected record in Overview Tabpage in a General tabpage?

How can I do this?

I tried some methods but they do not work.

I thought, it may be done by creating another DataSource. Do you think it is possible?

Is there another way?




if you want to see the same fields on both tab pages, you need to add them manually using the form setup. you don’t need any coding.

Hi Erdem,

Please clarify:

  1. You want a grid in the General Tab page also. After that you want to filter the records shown on the Overview Tab page based on some criteria and want to show those filtered records in the General Tab page?


  1. You want to show the field values of one selected record in the Overview Tab page in the General Tab page as it is usually shown in many AX standard forms?

If you want the 2. option then you have to follow what Lola has told.

Thanks & Regards,

Shankar Dutt Sharma

Lola and Shankar,

I want option 2 as in many AX standard forms but, general page brings different, unrelated record.

For ex;

CaseId is VK-000039 , but in general tabpage it is 4915286. and when i select a record in overview tab it is again the same id in general tabpage

Hi Erdem,

In your form’s design in the General tab page controls use the same fields of the same datasource whose value is shown in the Grid in the Overview tab page. The field controls will show the same value in the Overview as well as General tab page.

You can go to the AOT > Forms and check the design node of any one of the many standard AX forms.

Thanks & Regards,

Shankar Dutt Sharma

Hello Everyone,

Shankar thank you again.

I figured out the problem,

From the first period of project there stayed caseId as an integer. But currently it is string. So, it shows unordinary records.

Sometimes, we forget to look a little icons of fields that is tiny detail but solution :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone


hi Erdem,

just make sure you are adding fields from the correct datasource.

otherwise try removing the field and then adding it again. difference in field values on a form could mean AX is reading from different sources.