Display a field corresponding to another selected one.


While i select a field from a form, i want to display a description corresponing ro the selected field.

I am working on Purchase order for where i am selecting the “Tariffcode” field of " ExciseTariffCodes_IN" table.

I want to display the “description” field of the same table according to the tariff code selected.



Hi Deepthi,

If I have understood your query correctly, you want to display the description based on the value selected in a field of form. Locate the field in the design of the form, goto methods, right click and override the modified method, there assign the description to the field.

Hi Deepthi,

So you need to display the description for the selected Tariff code. All you need to do is to write a simple Display method in the Table where you select the Tariff code.

In that display method, just return TableName(_where you get the Description)::find(this).description;

Now in your form, create a contro and give the name of the display method name in your control property , DataMethod… Thats it…

Thanks and regards,