Disgusting email from Aria.co.uk slating Navision

Just got this this mailshot email from Aria. Fairly disgusted to be honest, will be sending them my thoughts.

I suggest everyone from here sends them a polite email to Navisionproblems@aria.co.uk !

Note to mods - apoogies if this isn’t the right forum for this!

Dear Justin,

Between January and April this year our service was not up to our usual high standard. Despite working around the clock to put internal systems and logistics back on track, the problems caused by Microsoft’s Dynamics Navision software took their toll. Much to our dismay, we have alienated some of our customers who were loyal for many years.

In hindsight, we probably should have opted for SAP; recommended by many experts, even Microsoft themselves use SAP within their organisation!

Since Navision’s implementation we have worked tirelessly to develop interfaces that circumvent Navision’s shortcomings and make us more efficient than ever before! To give you - our customer - more confidence in us, we want to inform you that we are on our way to relegating Navision to being just a basic accounting software, with logistics, customer services, etc. being taken care of by our own software.

If you have suffered because of an order you placed between January and April, please e-mail us at Navisionproblems@aria.co.uk with the details and we will send you a free Handy Mandy or a DIY Diva worth over £17 so you to take care of you own in house problems! (Please don’t try to fix Navision with it though… it just won’t work!!)