Discuss Navision Business Notification

Folks, In my opinion. Navision 4 has come, it has a new feature like Navision Business Notification. Microsoft has stated strongly that we have to migrate/use SQL DB instead of native database. When I was installing Navision Business Notification, it required MS Notification Service installation. I have to download and install it first… then when I choosing some option there’s Engine Component that need SQL XML. OMG that’s such a troublesome software… ! [:o] This means we have to know several Microsoft products to use this feature. I am going to download and install SQLXML by tomorrow. The fact that I found, I can’t find all of these in the Navision 4 product CD. I think i’m gonna go find that software again in the internet just to install it for ol’ new version sakes. [Ugh] Let me know your opinion on these… anyway cheer me up. [|)] that’s all about it. Jemmy