Discrete manufacturing AX 2012

Hello everybody!

I was looking for manufacturing certifications within AX 2012, only found MB6-884 and MB6-886 for Lean and Process Industries. Is there any certification for discrete manufacturing (courses 80314A, 80315A)?

Thanks and regards

The Process covers Discrete as well - consider it a “manufacturing in AX” exam that is incorrectly named :slight_smile:

Thanks AdamRoue! I was asking this becouse I didn’t find in the PDF’s for these two BOM or routing contents, so I thought that the two courses I mentioned had their own exam. Thanks again and regards

I think they should, but MS are being a bit lazy on the exam alignment :slight_smile: In reality it is NOT discrete and is process, but they are yet to release the exam, so they told me it covered both.

So in order to pass discrete manufacturing exams I have to study both process manufacturing and Discrete e-learning ?

Yes. There is one manufacturing exam. How do you instruct the customer on the best approach when you only know half the system? I have used process elements in discrete implementations on many an occasion.