Good day everyone! I have a company-client that requires a certain customer to get 9% discount to every item and service that the company sells.

Since he must get 9% to everything and anything I gave him 9% invoice discount. The problem is that the user needs to press the "calculate discount…’’ button in order to apply this discount.

Is there a more efficient way to do this?

We have Calc. Inv. Discount field in Sales & Receivables setup.

Place a check mark in this field if you want the program to automatically calculate the invoice discount amount in connection with sales documents.

The invoice discount amount will be calculated automatically if there is a check mark in this field and you do one of the following on a sales document:

  • Click the button that has the name of the particular document type, for example Invoice, and then click Statistics

  • Click Posting, Test Report

  • Click Print

  • Post the document