Discounts on the Total Value of Sales Invoice


I would like to know, how to give a discount on the total value of a Sales invoice.

I tried with Total discounts, it is working fine by my problem is the fractions which finally appears.


suppose we have an invoice which totals to 38,612.00 and i would like to give a total discount of 100.00

I put it in the Trade Agreement, it stays there perfectly,

But when I look at Enquiries–Totals, the System shows 100.39, this is becuase at the Purchase Order Header level PRICE/DISCOUNT tab there is a field TOTAL DISCOUNT %, which shows 14.73%. This field is the one which creates the problem. i even changed teh 14.73% slightly , but did not help.

I have found a work around in mind but i am unable to input . Here it is

I tried POSTING–INVOICE----TOTAL (Button), the screen has a field ROUND OFF - , if i can input ( -.39), then it could solved the whole issue, unfortunately it is not enabled.

PS: These issues are not there in POs.

Unfortunately discounts/round off are more needed in Sales Order/Invoices