Discounts by product range and customer

This is a request about Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Classic client.
In my business I sell five ranges of products including machines, accessories, spares. These ranges have different base discounts. Also I have different classes of customer including users, distributors, etc, who get different discounts from each other. In addition, some distributors enjoy different discounts according to their ‘role’ (reseller or installer) and according to the final market, eg, government or private. In the past many of these adjustments have been made manually at the point of invoice. Is there a better way for NAV to handle this automatically? Thanks.

Hi Mike,

Firstly, Welcome to the Dynamics User Group!

Sounds like you can use standard sales line discounting for you needs. Line discounts can be setup at cusomer discount group and item discount group level or down to customer/item level (or a combination). These can be setup from the customer or item cards under sales line discounts - remember that sales price matrix has a tick box to turn this on/foff.

Have a look at this in a test envoirnment.

Hi Dave

Thanks for taking time to reply. I’ll try this as suggested. Mike