Hi, one of our customers want to give his customers an natural discount, an additional item without value. Is there a difference, when I post with price = 0.- or posting with discount = 100% - for stock value, item margins? Michael Edited by - Quasimodo on 2002 Feb 26 15:36:52

Hi Michael, To my knowledge there is no difference in stock value or item margins. The only differense between the two different ways is that when you have Discount = 100 % you will have postings to the G/L. With Unit price = 0 you will have no postings to the Sales account. Discount 100% gives posting both to Sales Account and Sales Line Disc Account (given in General Posting Setup). So depending if you want to have postings to your sales account you should choose between the two ways. Best regards Daniel

In item Ledger entries (Value entry in Attain) are two fields: “Amount” (net value) “Discount Amount” (total discount amount). In both cases, amount are 0, but, if discount = 100%, Discount Amount = Price * quantity Cust. Ledger entry have “Sales” and “Inv. Discount (LCY)”. If you put discount = 100, it’s increased in Discount (LCY) Report Customer/Item Sales show Amount( without discounts) and Discount Amount.