Discount or New scheme on item


Experts Please if it is possible if get 1 get another free scheme in Navision means if i had a policy buy 2 get 1 free , if i enter perticuller item 2 nos systam will pick up another as free without giveing extra discount or line discount , please if it is possible tell me briefly


Vikas dwivedi

In short No. you will have to do customization.

you can do it by splitting order lines,
line 1 : item A, 2 pcs with correct price
line 2 : item A, 1 pcs with price=0


if i quote 0 in line 2 , costing not effected for this item so it’s a trick not a solution

@Rajib Huzuri

thanks but what in customization not we do ???

  1. Create a new feild Promo Code or Scheme Code.

  2. Create a table to Store your promotion or schemes, like for Promo code XXX, minimum Qty N, Free Item Qty M, or as your schemes may be.

  3. Create function on the Sales order, Line the Get Promotion (similar to Calculate Invoice Discount), this function should look into the sales lines and check if the Items entered and quantity entered are eligible for and free items are due based on the data on the new table you created, if any free items are due then create new lines on the sales order with quantity as the free quantity and sales price (Unit Price) as 0.

This function also be called at Release document Codeunit, so that it automatically called if user do not use the function.

I hope this will be helpful and rest you you can manage.

Happy Programming!

the free items should be with price 0, cost and price are different, and so price will be based on the costing method, but sales price will be posted 0.

oops! sorry, Cost will be based on the costing method

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