Discount on point of sales for customer

Hi all,

I have a requirement to give a discount to specific retail customer on Point of sales.

for example: ABC a customer purchase some goods from point of sales and then he is directly eligible for discount of 10% on his transaction.

please let me know if anyone of you have done this before. one thing more the discount could be cash or percentage based.

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Yumna Khan

The discount functionality of POS works same as AX client.

As described by Adam in the different thread, create a trade agreement by picking the specific customer and select the item. Here you would need select the “warehouse” during the creation (to which warehouse your “store” belongs to).

So that the specific discount applies to particular customer and only at specific store.

After creating the trade agreement, Run the job with description “Discounts” under Retail>periodic> Data distribution> Distribution schedule. Your discount settings would be transferred to your Retail database.

thanks Santosh for your detailed response i hope it will work …[:)]