Discount in RETURN Order

hi all

in Accounts receivable >> Customers Details >> Trade agrmt … we can define Discount For a customer

for example For the purchase of 10 Qty >>> Discount 10%

for example For the purchase of 20 Qty >>> Discount 20%

for example For the purchase of 30 Qty >>> Discount 30%

and …

now a customer sales 20 items and return 10 Items By RETURN Order ,

How Dynamics Ax calculate Discount and ?

thanks all

What happens when you manually put one on?

If you copied it then it would copy the figures. Not sure what your question is. It reduces the credit ultimately.

We do not want Manually put discount , This Field must Automatic Calculate.

While creating sales return, we select the sales order reference i.e., against which SO this return is. So, in that case, I remember it copies the discount that is specified in the SO Line.

How do you create the return order line - manually or copy?