discount in AX 2012

Could we be able to apply standard discounts say "10% to all items? I understand we can apply contribution ration or msc charges to base price - either purchase or cost. BUT could we apply to “manual base price” - can this be done via trade agreement? this needs to be all items.

We do have discount group available on item. You can use that.


Hi… In Trade agreements we have Item Discount group. Select this and select the account type as “ALL” and mention discount as you needed. We have account types - 3 types - Table, Group and All. So, when you select ALL option it will select All items and the discount will be applied to all items.

Hi Sarathy / Pranav, I am using AX 2012 FP CU2. I don’t see a Item Discount Group but I see in Relation "Price (sales), Line Discounts(Sales) etc.,. I am not able to validate this journal - I am not sure what options to tick in “Select Criteria” - Item discount and/or multi-line (or all of them?) What values you to put for “From” and “To” and there is no % but amount in currency? but I want say 25% where will I apply that? Is it like - from 0.00 to 10000 unit each @ 50 USD. Appreciate if you could clarify.

From released product page, I select “create new tradeagrement”

sorry - I had to activate the discount - I did activate for All items and All customers in each tab. I chose line discount in the journal. Hope this should be ok. Thank you

Hi Patrick,

First of all, if you want to apply Trade agreements (Purchase & Sales agreements) we need to activate the trade agreements. select all check boxes.

secondly, you need to select the discount parameter at respective modules parameter forms > Price (tabs) … Like we have different types of discounts (Line, Multiline, Max(line,multiline), Min (line,multiline), line + multiline and line * multiline). After these basic setups you can go further…

In the Price group form you can specify the price. For ex: Item 123… normally its price is $50 per item … In Price group form, If customer is buying min. quantity of 10 then its price will be $ 40. if he is buying it less than quantity 10 then its price will be $ 50 only.

Coming to percentage(%) (Ex: 25%, as you asked), In the Line, Multiline and Total discount forms, you can specify the percentage in Discount percentage 1 & Discount percentage 2 fields.