Disaster Recovery Options

Running Windows 2000 Server with Native DB 1.5GB RAM RAID 5 We are looking for Disaster Recovery Options Which is the best Solution both H/W and S/W that is friendly to Native DB I have looked at Legato Any suggestion will be grateful

Hello, Actually, we use three solutions every day. 1/HOTCOPY to make a hard copy of the database, 2/EXPANDIT to verify integrity of the database and have an fbk backup 3/BRIGHSTOR HIGH AVAILABILITY (from CA) to make a ‘real time’ backup of the database. Regards,

Just a note: According to the Navision Spec’s I’ve read - Raid 5 is not recommended.

RAID 5 is not recommended as for the hardware - we are thinking to implement fire-wire removable hard drives (tape is getting expensive) Lessi, tell us more about 3/BRIGHSTOR HIGH AVAILABILITY (from CA) please

Brighstor HA (computer associates) is a solution for Windows 2000/2003 environments that provides easy application-based failover acting as passive clustering. It replicates application data to an alternate server and providing access to that data in the event of server or application failure. When the main server breaks down,it will be replace automatically (based on rules) by the alternate server. Take a look to the datasheet at http://www3.ca.com/Files/DataSheets/18832-BS_Hi_Avail_PD.pdf The tests we have made shows that in case of break down, the second server start in less than 2 minutes without loosing data. regards,