Disaster Recovery Option for Navision Native DB

Hi, I am looking for a real-time Disaster Recovery option for Navision in the Native DB. To meet audit requirement, I have to provide another standby server with the Navisioion DB be replicated I have looked at the folllowing product. http://www.nsisoftware.com/pro/doubletake/ Would require if anyone has done any Disaster Recovery with Native DB or can it be done only on SQL What is the software to use for the DR Your Comments will be appreciated

Hi, In simple terms - Configure your server as RAID 0. Other wise Look for some real time disaster reocovery software like VERITAS, etc.

ramanathmani Double Take is a failover solution also what is your opininon vis a vis Veritas

What is your timing requirements? real time = immediate failover = VERY EXPENSIVE Or said another way, how much data in terms of time can the users afford to loose. ie. 1hr of data that they entered? In my company I run both an offline backup (copy the database.fdb file) and an online backup HOTCOPY at night, and that is sufficient for us. Don’t get sucked into doing something that you don’t need to do. The requirements for DR is a business decision that while also driven by SOX is still a business decision. Gary