disappointing thing with Excel import 2012

Hai to every one

I created a table table1 with 2 fields( let it be field1 and field2 ).I created a primary index for this table with field1.

Now opened excel, clicked dynamics ax addin and try to choose my table table1.But i am unable to find my table table1.

So i synchronized my data dictionary and restarted services.So now i am able to view my table table1 .(this took 40 minutes.wastage of time).

Now i want to add 2 more fields in table1. I added . Again problem started. Not able to view this new fields(field3 and field4) in table1. I schronized 2 times and restared couple of times.But i am unable to view those fields in excel after i added table1.

i tested in 2 servers.The same thing happening. what is this.