Disabling the field when checked the other table field.


i have a task, i.e, when checking the table field check box, and disable the filed in other table there is a common field exist in the both tables. can anybody post me the answer.

InventTable form itemNumber will be disabled or not editable when checkin the stopped field in the InventItemSalesSetup table. how to write the method when check the table field and effecting the other table or form field.


Make the auto declaration property of that field as ‘yes’ and copy the name that field from the properties…and use the following code

fieldname.allowedit(false) or fieldname.enable(false), under your required condition…in active()


this is for with in the table to disable field, but how to disable the other table field.


u can also use the fieldname.allowedit() or fieldname.enable() on form level…if u hav the relation to both tables then u can write this functionality on the basis of the relation.