Disabling options during Postings


I would like to know how to disable the Invoice option during the Postings Of shipments. We’ve got Operations Dept Which can only post the Shipments ie (only Ship) and the Finance guy can invoice it. But many times it happend tht the Operations People has mistakenly invoiced the shipments. Hence how to disable the Invoice option during postings for the log in of Operations.

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Hi Sudheer,

Could be done like this:

In table 91 (User Setup) add a new field called something like “Invoicing allowed”.
Ad this field to form 119 (User Setup),

In Codeunit 81 add a new global variabel: UserSetupRec - Record - 91.
Also add a new Text-variable: 50000 - ENU:’&Ship’

In the code-section of codeunit 81, locate this line under “Document Type”::Order

Selection := STRMENU(Text000,3);

And replace it with these lines instead:

IF (UserSetupRec.get(USERID)) AND (UserSetupRec.“Invoicing Allowed”) THEN
Selection := STRMENU(Text000,3)
Selection := STRMENU(Text50000,1);

// Alexander


Dont forget to setup the user(s) that is allowed to invoice in the User Setup (and to check the “Invoicing allowed”-field).

Otherwise no one at all can invoice [:D]

Also remember to document what You have changed in the different objects.
This will make future updates a litle easier/less expensive.

// Alexander

Simply remove the Operations staff from permission to insert a Posted Invocie Line in security.


Thanks Sander. Your Option Worked but simply denying the user to post Sales Invoice form security roles was a better option.

Thank u

Thanks David .

ur option worked well

You are welcome, also could you please mark the topic as RESOLVED (at the top right of the original question that you posted.) that helps others later.