Disabling a button which is an action in the RTC

Hi Guys,

Scenario: I have a custom action added to the Purchase Order Page screen in the RTC which works great. This action is called and is called on the click of a button on the Page.

Query: I’ve seen similar posts to my question but non quite give the answer and deal with forms, this is a Page. Is it possible to dim the button once pressed and the action has completed? All it does effectively is run an external script, but I don’t want the user to repeatedly press it so ideally would like to disable the button.

As always thanks for looking. [Y]

Is this based on any condition or you just want to run in once per document?

Never tried, but I’d imagine if you change the Name of the action to something else, like ScriptButton, you’d be able to access it via the CurrPage.Controls in the field menu. Enabled would be the property.