disabled show column and Hide column

how to disabled right click for sales line in form sales order

i don’t want to warehouse staff could right clik and then Show Column and Hide Column

but for Another Staff could be right click

how could i do that…

Well the only way I know of is to create a separate set of forms. So that your warehouse staff get one set of the forms and your other staffs another set. There is as far as I know, no way to limit the show/hide column functionality.

hmmm… i see

i thought i could be lock it for every different user

thanx anyway

Hi Stan,

This is not a pretty solution but will work.

  1. Add a new boolean to “User Setup” called “Warehouse Staff”

  2. On the OnAfterGetRecord() trigger of your form add the following code



If UserSetup.“Warehouse Staff” then begin




  1. Where column1 and column2 are the columns in question.

  2. Add or remove columns as needed.

  3. Note: If the user has zoom this is slightly redundant as they can zoom and see the data anyway, but cannot edit it.

Hope that helps, any issues let me know


Sure no problem. This is Granule “System-3510-View,design” if you go into Roles, and remove access to this granule, then the user will not be able to add columns. Note that this granule is typically a component of the ALL role, so you might craete a new role such as ALL-LIMITED, and assign the warehouse users to this.

Doesn’t that remove add remove column for all forms though? not just the Sales Lines?


Sure. But in my experience with implementing Navision, this is normally a user oriented issue, in that there are particular users that just should not be able to hide show columns, since they just confuse them selves. Its quite different to the Zoom issue, which is normally that particular users can zoom many records, but not particular ones.

Believe it or not I work with a customer where they can Add/Remove in some places but not in others. They have no zoom option. Hence how I know the mod for it [;)]


ok thanx for all of your answers

i just want to disabled for Sales Line in Sales Order

I will try your suggestion :slight_smile:

That’s a way of tuning Navision I never considered. Nice. [:)]