Disabled Reservation Button

Anybody knows why sometimes the Reserve funtion is greyed out on the Avail. Item Tracking Lines form (after drill down on Item Tracking summary) in 360 ? Thx !

Hope this helps:


This window displays information about an item tracking line existing for a serial number - or several lines existing for a lot number. It includes the associated document type, location and reservation information. Under Functions, you can create and cancel a reservation for the item tracking number in question or you can see the associated document line by clicking Show Document. Note: You cannot reserve item tracking numbers from this window if you accessed it via the Item Tracking Summary window. To reserve a specific item tracking number, you must go through the Reservation form via the Item Tracking List window.

Its from the help on the form - but if you access the screen in your manner you will not see the help button. Of course if fails to say WHY you cannot reserve from this screen, just that you cannot [:D]