Disable validation on ZIPcode


When multiple cities for same zipcode exist:

  • When a customer enters a zip code and a city and submits the data, AX changes the city to the first city it finds for that zip code


This process seems te be located in the class LogisticsPostalAddressEntity that extends LogisticsLocationEntity.

To avoid this issue, I think validation needs to be disabled. Where to accomplish this ? is this related to CustTable as well ?

If validation needs to be respected, how to change behaviour to match city rather then appointing the first city found ?

Please advise. Thank you.

I disagree. I think it’s about initialization from zip code, not about validations.

Where can I find this process ? Please share your thoughts. Suggestions to avoid the issue are more than welcome. Thank you.

LogisticsPostalAddress.initFromZipCode() sounds like the most logical place to look at (at least if it exists in AX 2012; I have only F&O on hand).

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what do you expect from me. Also, how is the code above related to the problem discussed in this thread?

Well I was looking into the defined classes. I am still getting ‘acquainted’ with the environment. Where to look, where to find this ?

I have deleted former post with code as it seems to be irrelevant.


Untill now I have found the table LogisticsAddressZipCode with methods as declared in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/dynamics/ax-2012/reference/gg876104(v=ax.60) ;

If anyone would have more insights i would be glad to hear.

You looked at the right class, but a wrong method. It was initializing data from another address, not form zip code, which is what we’re taking about here.

But you don’t necessarily need others to tell you where the logic is, you can easily do it by yourself. You can analyze code both statically (e.g. using cross-references to find out where City is written into) and dynamically (walking through code in debugger to see how exactly is executed).