Disable Unit price on NAV 2017 Sales Order

Hi Guys

we already setup customer price group and we needed to block order processors not to change the unit price and i went to sales order sub form to change the field Editable property false but i see there is already a boolean property “RowIsNotText”.

Is there any effect if i remove this if i remove this value and set it to False or suggest me if there is any other means to disable the field.


If you have a specific group of users, who should not have access to update pricing, then the easiest way is to change the permission for that group of users.

This proporty is set to that control because line hasn’t any item/account no. nor description… I think you can do what you want, but you will have problems if no prices are configured.

You may add your own condition to the property: RowsIsNotText AND UserCanEditPrice

Then you just need to set the UserCanEditPrice variable in the trigger OnOpenPage, based on your “Order Processor” condition.

Thanks for you suggestion.

Thanks for you suggestion.