Disable quick search window in remark line

Does anyone know why BC shows me the quick search window in the remark line?

Is it possible to disable it?

That is because there is a look up in the field.
I guess (not at my laptop) this fields is also for standard descriptions that you can choose from if the type is different.

This started recently in my BC version as well for US 19.4.35398.35925

The description field hasn’t done this in the past.

Kristen Hosman, Microsoft MVP | Business Applications
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In my case AT 19.4.35398.35925 - it started yesterday.

Has never done it before.

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The tablerelation was already there in CU1 of BC19 (checked the Sales Line).
So maybe then something changed in the platform.
I thought that is was also before CU4 the lookup option for comment.