Disable Print Button On Report request Page

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As the some security reasons my client wants user should not export report to excel and word.But they want export to PDF functionality.I have try by disabling request page but its not work.Is this possible.Please suggest.

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Hey Rahul,

You cant play on the Request Page of the Reports, specially where you are trying to put validation.

If you will off request page then it will start printing the Report without even displaying the Request Page Dialogue Box.


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Hi RockWithNAV

Is any way to disable export to excel or word.

Hey Rahul,


If you are talking about the above screenshot then my answer would be NO, you really cant have controls on these stuffs. These are inbuilt engines.


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HI Rahul,

I think There is away… Let me Check Once…I think it is Not the Direct way But you can Restrict the User BY Not Able to Process further if he Pressed that Print Option Only He could Do is Preview…

A dirty workround would be the following:

In RDLC you can set the hiddenvalue of you list, table, headerrectangle and so on to true if Globals!RenderFormat.Name <> “IMAGE” or Globals!RenderFormat.Name <> “PDF”

In this case Excel and Word are empty!

Hi Robert Wendler

can you elaborate

Hello Raja Venkat

Do you have solution ?

HI Rahul,

As i Said We can Put Error Message But you Cant Completely Remove Button.

1.If you follow My Method Then You can Disable button

2.If you follow Roberts Method You can Print Only in PDF Format Which Is Your Task…

So Code Like This on before Any Code

OnPre() of Report

if NOT CurrReport.Preview Then begin

Error(‘Print Button Is Disabled’);


Set Visibility For Every Text boxes, tables What ever you want to Protect .

NOw run And Test…

Hi Rahul,
Did Raja’s suggestion help you?

Hi Raja Venkat , Erik
This menthods works. Thanks for your suggestions.

Rahul, then please click “This helped me” on Raja’s post. This helps other members to see which answer that gave the answer - and helps as way to say “thanks” to Raja for his help. :slight_smile:

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Happy to Know it Helped and as Erik Said please click “This helped me” . So other members can Find Solution .

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Apologies for delay in response. Thanks Raja Venkat