Disable ODBC

Even when not used ODBC takes a session. Is there a possibilty to disable it?

Pretty sure that’s not true, it only uses a session when you connect? how are you determining this.

License indicates: 14 sessions, Navision indicates “maximum number of sessions”: 15. But we can’t open only 14 sessions.

OK, but what makes you think that the issue is ODBC. I can not see anyconnection that would indicate a cause and effect, or is there more to it?

Do you have a NAS instance running? Email logging perhaps? That takes up a session.

The problem is Danny that we could go on for pages just asking questions, when in reality it would just be so much easier if Denster would just tell us what’s going on.

Hold your horses there buddy, this is not my thread [:D]

Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding of the License. We originally purchased 15 licenses. Then we purchased the C/Odbc Granule. Now our License says 16. What Danny seems to want to do is get that extra user license that came with the purch of c\odbc for another client on the system. It does not seem to be possible.

Its real annoying that when you look at the thread you see one list of names, then when you reply they all change. In this case, Denny becomes Denster, and Daniel becomes Danny, and all gets confusing. [:O)] So … To Whom it may concern, [8D] I think savatage99 is on the right track. To which whom ever started this thread, please look for a cfg or text fiel version of you license that has all the details of what you have actually paid for, to see if you have access to everything.

huh I never even noticed that difference. I was wondering why you were calling me Denster, when I only noticed my real name (Daniel) in the board [^]

Bit confussing what? Where did Denster come from?

DenSter used to be my IRC nickname. I met my wife (of almost 6 years now) on the internet, so I keep using the nick. [^]