Disable Nav Backup

Is it possible to disable or block users from doing Navision backup ?


Using roles you can.
Even if a user is Super (data) can’t make a backup.

By default, you can only do this if you give them SUPER role. You will need to check your permissions to see why the common users can do a backup.

To make a backup, you need either to be a full supper, OR

Have permission to SYSTEM 0 or

have permission to SYSTEM 5410

you need to remove all three of these to make sure the user can not do a backup.

To make a backup, you need either to be a full supper, OR

Have permission to SYSTEM 0 or

have permission to SYSTEM 5410

you need to remove all three of these to make sure the user can not do a backup.


If I’m not in mistake SYSTEM 5414 only enables backup menu . User must have access to table data and information to make a backup.

Correct. But in this case the question was what to REMOVE from permissions to prevent a user form making a backup. If a user is currently able to make a backup, then they must already some how have permission to the data. But its one of these three things that need to be removed so that the user can no longer create a backup.

My guess is that the ALL group has been assigned to SYSTEM 0 [;)]

Thanks for all your answers but I think I need to revise my question. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to disable or block users and super users from doing Navision backup ?

My client want to permanently disable this feature to all users ( including the super user ). Only one user ( the big boss :stuck_out_tongue: ) is able to do backup. He does not want his IT ( who is also a super user ) to be able to do backup. Since they don’t have the Application Builder license, I’m thinking about writing a code somewhere to give error whenever they tried to do backup.

Any solution ? Or do I have to rely on setting permissions ?


David told you already what you have to do:

So, just the “big boss” is the full “super”, IT will have all other permissions but SYSTEM 5410. No code needed.

I’m going to add a new roles then.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

However, the IT staff will be able to go into the permissions and add the permission to do a backup on their own… [:(]

One question I have is, how can the IT people do their job if they can’t do backups? Which I assume is the most basic responsibility of IT… Seems pretty strange to me.

But, requirements are requirements, setting the security won’t be enough because the IT staff can just change it, backup, then change their permission back.

In Navision, you won’t be able to block a super user from doing backups…

If you are using SQL Server even isn’t necessary to use have a Navision user to make a backup.

As I read the whole thraed again, I can see that there is a lot of infromation missing here. I think that the real stry goes something like:

“We have a paranoid boss, and we need some story for him, so he thinks he is the only one that has the ability to make a backup…” [:|] Apologies in advance to Teddy, because this may not at all be the case, but in reality Alex is right, this is not a technical issue, its one of politics that needs to be resolved.

I would place some pretty good money on betting that when the time comes, and the database crashes, that there will not be any form of usable backup to restore from. And there is no way the boss is going to accept that it was his screw up. Teddy you are putting your self in a very dangerous position.

By the way, its not possible in Navision to assign permission to something you don’t your self have access to. In this case, to do what Teddy wants, the IT staff would not have SUPER permission to the database, only the boss.

Oh what fun that day when the boss goes to IT and says “guys I forgot my password, can you reset it for me”.

It’s true, David. The boss is a bit paranoid. He himself said that he don’t trust his IT staff. I already talked to him few times about this matter but he insisted on blocking the backup. I already told him about the consequences but he said he’s willing to take the responsibility. I don’t think he will easily screw up since he is an expert on IT. If he screw up, he can only blame himself then.

That’s why I asked in the first place if there’s a code to block the Nav backup, so if one day he forgot his password, I could easily open the backup for him.

I still haven’t set the permission though. Still trying to convince him or find another way.