Disable MenuSuite on specified Nav 4.0 clients

Hi, I am installing retail add-on onto Navision 4.0, and I am trying to use Windows Authentication for login-in the clients, who are only seeing the retail add-on login screen. This MenuSuite is making me sick[V]. How is it possible to disable the MenuSuite for the clients (TILLS), but enable it on the server (BACKOFFICE). [?]Is there a spec. parameter for fin.exe to disable this menusuite without deleting it?[?] Thanks for the help,

Nope, sorry, there isn’t. Except … The state of the Navigation pain is stored in the ZUP file, so once you disable it on a client, you can close and open Navision and it is still disabled. If you are afraid that the user could enable it again, you could start Navision with a small batch job which is copying a ZUP file where the Navigation pane (Yeah, I got the spelling right [;)]) is disabled over the one which is used by Navision.

Could you not add a Role Eg. NOMENU and copy the ALL role permissions into it. Then set all the permissions on the MenuSuite Object type to ‘blank’? This will result in a ‘You do not have permission to run the ‘MBS’ MenuSuite…’ error when they try access the menu for a user with the NOMENU role. Ie. instead of using the ALL role, you use the NOMENU role. Should you wish to not see that error everytime you login, i know this is a roundabouts way of getting a desired result, but - you could: 1.) add the ALL role so that they have the permission to the MenuSuite object) then once logged in with them 2.) login with the user . Click View > Navigation Pane and remove the checkmark from the menu. Once that is done. 3.) Login with a SuperUser, remove the ALL role from the User 4.) Login with the user to test I dont know if this will be exactly what you want, but its an idea. Good luck, Jonathan