Disable Hide Filed & Go to main table

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Question to experts

I need Disable Hide Filed & Go to main table on user screen , Can You can do it ???

Please help me .

  1. Open AOT–>Macro–>Task

add the following lines at the end of the macro


  1. In the task() of SysSetupFormRun, add the below code before the line of code ret = super(_p1);

if(_p1 == #taskFilterHide || _p1 == #taskViewDetails)
return 0;
ret = super(_p1);

this will affect on all the forms.

Note: If you want to disable the above options for the specific form, then override the task method on the form and place the above code and in the declaration.add #task



Thanks a lot Raghav ,

But after implement the code ihave error , please see the attached below :



I haven’t mentioned in my reply that, SysSetupFormRun is a class, where in the task() method you need to place the code.

If you want to disable in any particular form, you need to override the task method and place the code there.