Disable edit journal batches

Hi All,

One of my client need to have approvals for journals and now i have customized this to process journal approvals but im having small issue. The issue is until the status get reopen i need to keep journal batch editable false. How can i rectify this issue?

Which version of NAV you are using ?

NAV 2013

And where are you recording the status of the batch, in the Journal Batch record, or in the Journal Line record?

at the moment we are maintaining status in Journal Line record.

Well, that being the case, you can modify your journal page to filter out any records that don’t have the right status. But, you’ll obviously want a method for changing the status on all of the records, which would imply some sort of control/management page as well, or at least, a method for your staff who approve the lines to be able to override the filter. And you’ll probably want to be sure to prevent journal lines with the wrong status from posting,

Hi George,

Yes i can understand your reply. I need to know how to disable the journal page when status is release in journal batch.

Hi Charma,

So, from your choice of words, I’m having a bit of a challenge in deciding how to approach this. You can either filter the recordset to exclude records that have a status of released, or you can change the editable property to false for each line that has a status of released.

Taking the first approach is suggested if you don’t want your users to see the Released lines. To do this, change the Table Filter component of the SourceTableView property in the journal page object to be something like Status FILTER <> Release.

If you want your users to be able to see the lines and just not be able to edit them, then you’ll want to add code in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of the page object. There you will want to add a command that sets the value of the CurrPage.EDITABLE property to false if the Status is Release, and to true if it’s not.

So that’s about all there is to it. Hope it’s helpful.

Hi Charma,

Did any of this information help you to resolve your issue, or are you still having challenges in this area?