Direct Unit Cost on Production Order Routing Line

Hi, all
anybody knows why (provided there is a why) when the “Direct Unit Cost” on Production Order Line is manually changed, in form 99000817 (Production Order Routing), the “Direct Unit Cost” isn’t updated?

Do you mean “Expected Operation Cost Amt.” of routing line isn’t updated? and consequently the expected capacity cost in production order statistics is not updated?

after changing the “Direct Unit Cost” you should use Replan function.

from help file:

Expected Operation Cost Amt. Field

The Prod. Order Routing Line Table

This field is calculated based on the capacity need when a production order is refreshed or replanned.

Indeed. If the run time is changed the expected cost is recalculated. If the Work Center/Machine Center is changed I’m not sure what happens because I’ve a customization here, the unit cost is updated, but the expected cost doesn’t change. Users get confused.
The replanning replans, which might not always be wanted. [:^)]

I spoke about Direct Unit Cost, because, now that I think about it, I had tampered with the code and got some weird behaviours. [:$]