Direct Print Preview from Form Submenu..

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if An Indent Subform is Open all the entries are filled up.I directly want to see the print preview of Current Indent Line which is Open , thereby saving the time in selecting the Indent No. all the Time.

In present case user have to manually select the last indent line , which is much time consuming . is there any shortcut like ALT+P by which system shows the preview of current Indent line which is open ?

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You want to preview the report or you want to pass the filters to report?

I want to to see the Print preview of the current Indent Line which is open directly. means system should directly show the preview of current Indent Line. It takes time to select the same Indent No. from the list than it needs to press OK button to see preview.


then you have to pass the filters to report like how Sales Order No. is passed to reports…

to check the preview automatically, you have to pass shell commands but its not a good practise…it wont take much time to press Preview or OK button…


I will be thankfull , if any one suggests me how can i directly print from the Indent form.

suppose i clicked on indent menu . the last indent which i created opend. I just pressed ALT+P than it should directly show the print preview of current form which is open. Or otherwise if the Request form opens & it shows the Indent No. than the indent no which is currently open should automatically be reflected on the Indent No. so that i can save some time in selecting the Currrent Indent no from a list of 1000 records. I have been successful in doing this in Purchase Order form , but cant get same in Indent form.In purchase order i used Document Type & No. as keys…

sir…which shell command is used ?

Indent is not a standard functionality, so you can design a new form where all the open indent lines are shown which can be copied to excel too.

my only concern is to see : indent no which is currently open after i press ALT+P …


my purpose was solved by this :

TESTFIELD(Status,Status :: Released);



thanks anyway to all.

And were did you wrote this code in the form.