Direct Cost Applied Acc. replaces Inv. Adj. Acc.?

Hi, TRUE or FALSE… In NF2.60 the balancing entry to Stock Nominal posting was always to the “Inventory Adjmt Account”, regardless of whether the source of the posting was a stock adjustment (e.g. pos./neg adj. using Item journal) or an invoiced purchase receipt. But in NF3.70, in General Posting Set up you have to specify a “Direct Cost Applied Account” too. This is because although the balancing entry to Stock Nominal posting that is created by pos./neg adj. using Item journal continues to be to the “Inventory Adjmt Account”, an invoiced purchase receipt now posts to the “Direct Cost Applied Account”. Therefore after an upgrade from 2.60 to 3.70(or any pre-“value entry” release to post-“value entry” release), BEFORE you can post any purchase invoices, you need to put whatever G/L account is specified in “Inventory Adjmt Account” in the “Direct Cost Applied Account” too. ?

Hi Jon The set-up differs to enable a better split out of the transactions rather than lumping them all in the inventory adjustment account as before. This has changed the processing in 3.70 - and in 3.60 as well I think. From an upgrade perspective the direct cost applied account will become critical as you say. Therefore I would answer TRUE - what do I win? [:D]

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FALSE : The Contra Account for Inventory Posting when made through a Purchase Invoice was always “Direct Cost Applied Account” whether in NF 2.60 or 3.70. The Contra Account when posting an Adjustment (Positive or Negative via Item Journal) is the “Inventory Adjustment Account”. There has been no change on this front in the newer versions ! Cheers

Hi Rohith, I suspect you may be referring to NF 2.60 with manufacturing (however i am only guessing as I am not familiar with the manufacturing functionality)? There is no Direct Cost Applied Account in the General Posting Setup in Standard GB NF 2.60. I may not have made it clear that I was only talking about “Standard” NF 2.60. I think the fact that Direct Cost Applied Account now does appear in Standard System is part of the cross-over of features that has come with recent releases. Location’s zones & improved Bin functionality in inventory would be another good example. I am afraid unless you can prove otherwise Steven keeps his million quid![;)] Regards, Jon