Hi Experts,

I am Learning navision. I have lot of doubts on dimensions. I am focusing to be perfect on dimensions. I read dimensions . So I have some doubts.

For example I have a company. It has two products 1. Ball 2. Bat

It has 10 customers allover . It has two departments 1. Sales 2. Purchase. It has 5 vendors throughout . So I created two Global dimensions . 1. Location 2. Product(Items) .

In dimensions u have 2 Global & 8 Shortcut dimensions.

Now My questions are

  1. Why Nav assigns two global as first two short cut dimension ?
  2. What is the use of Shortcut Dimensions?
  3. Please consider my example explain how can u assign shortcut dimensions.?
  4. I assigned two global dimsnsion to customers and vendors.
  5. But I am not understanding why navision provide dimension to Items.

Because u assigned Product global dimension to customer , vendor.

So through that u can get details which item I sold to customer, which I item I purchased from vendor.

Why navision has provide dimensions to items.

Could u give some detail explanation on shortcut dimensions ?

Thanks and regards


Download the document, this may be help you understanding the dimensions.

Dimensions is used for analysis purpose. U can easily analyse under which area which sales person, how much the product is being sold.

With shortcut dimensions, the user can enter dimensions and dimension values directly on the lines in journals, and sales and purchase documents. For example, each individual user can set up a purchase document for their own specific needs. You click View, Show Column, and select the shortcut dimensions you use frequently in that particular document to be shown on the document line. You can specify a total of eight shortcut dimensions. The program defines the first two shortcut dimensions as being the same dimensions used as global dimensions. You can select the remaining six shortcut dimensions from among the dimensions your company has set up. These six shortcut dimensions can also be changed regularly to suit company needs.

I hope u may got some idea


Global dimensions are their mainly for compatibility with earlier versions of NAV. In reality though, if you only need two dimensions, than this is generally abetter solution than Analysis Views.

But either way, you shouldnot think of how Global dimensions integrate with advanced dimensions, they are quite different in how they are used, so somethigns you may find better done with Global dimensions, others better with Analysis views. Decide which is the best solution for each situation.