Hi We are not using Dimensions at all in the system and therefore they are blank in th GL setup and on the production orders. However when I try and change the status of the prod order… it says ‘This shortcut dimension is not defined in GL setup’. These shortcut dimensions are blank as we arent using them??? Any ideas?? Many thanks

Hi Fleur Can you verify the production order does not have a defined dimension against it? What are you trying to change the status from and to?

Hi Steven Both shortcut dimension 1 and 2 are blank… None set up at all. Changing from firm planned to released… Thanks [:)]

Hi Fleur Is this a new installation? 3.60? Can you confirm nothing is entered physically on the firm planned order (Department and Project filters on the order posting tab are dimensions 1 and 2 I believe). If nothing is set anywhere I would suggest setting 2 default dimensions in teh GL set-up, and not use them - something in the back of my mind tells me there was a minimum of 2 dimensions required from a creation perspective even if you never use them [:D]